Why are you running for office again?

My four 4 year absence has allowed me to gain a fresh perspective on working with business, government, and communities as an elected representative.  Taking the time to understand what the people involved in an application need in the outcome is vital.  Clear insights will of course enhance the quality of decision making for everyone.
With the significant number of retiring members, I believe there will be a shortage of experienced councillors on Council.  Many observers believe it takes at least one term for a councillor to become an effective representative for their residents. 
Calgary is facing a once in a century post-pandemic challenge coupled with a restructuring of our energy sector. Experienced representatives who understand local government policy and decision making processes and the Municipal Government Act authorities are necessary to frame, prioritize, and address the issues effectively and quickly.  For example, in the context of our downtown tax base deterioration, the design and functioning of our property tax assessment regime will be important to understand; informed and experienced councillors are an asset. 

Did you move?

Yes. However we remain in the ward having moved from Signal Hill to the Coach Hill - Patterson Heights community.

What did you do while out of office?

After a brief holiday, my wife Frances Wright and I started Poot-Wright Consulting Inc. – specializing in economic development and public engagement assignments.   
I have several clients with economic development needs.  However, some of my friends and business colleagues felt strongly that I should be working to help Calgary during tough times, not other jurisdictions.  Their input was a factor in my decision to be a candidate again.