News Release
May 18, 2021


Richard Pootmans Announces his Candidacy for Councillor, Ward 6

Former two term City Councillor Richard Pootmans will seek election in Ward 6 in the municipal election on October 18.   After a four year break from serving on  Council, he looks forward to bringing his fresh perspectives back to Council and contributing his 28 years of successful business experience and 13 years of effective public sector community service to maximize economic growth opportunities for Calgary in a post pandemic world.  
Richard has proven his effectiveness at bringing the private and public sectors together to benefit our city.  He looks forward to assisting with our recovery and to help expand our economy.  Moving forward, our success will depend on working with all Calgarians.
As an economic development representative for the City, Richard attracted people, investment, and businesses to expand operations in Calgary.   At Council, as the chair of the City audit committee, he led the continuing work for improved City operating efficiencies, and persistently sought value for money and cost benefit analyses.  As a vice-chair of the community and protective services committee, he worked to ensure resident priories for family safety, from homes to LRT services, were resolved. 
His experience provides him with the insight to successfully create and support economic growth policies while finding savings at City Hall.  By nature a collaborator, with a track record of delivering results on priority issues, Richard will be an effective representative on Council for Ward 6 and Calgary.
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