1. Improvements to Highway 8 (pre-ring road) intersections and lighting for enhanced safety
    and reduced congestion.
  2. West LRT construction phase and landscaping issues for residents and commuters resolved. Continually worked with Calgary transit to optimize new feeder bus network to the three Ward LRT stations.
  3. Assembled stakeholders to start the process to understand land use requirements for a parkade at the transit parking lot at 17th Ave and Sarcee Tr SW with +15 over 17thAve.  to Sirocco station as part of the parkade design plan.
  4. Dramatically reduced repair backlog by two thirds for street light replacement working with ENMAX and City transportation department.  Nighttime inspections initiated to speed up identification of outages.
  5. Worked with surrounding communities to ensure impacted resident concerns were resolved in planning for Richmond Road overpass at Sarcee Tr. SW.
  6. Brought stakeholders together to determine traffic solutions for 93rd St. and 17thAve. SW anticipating new west ring road and new high school impacts in the area.
  7. Engaged with residents at open houses by Alberta Transportation and City for South West Ring Road to address access, noise, and local traffic impact of ring road.
  8. With Council colleague Peter Demong to bring winter weather  flashing pedestrian warning light technology to Calgary, reducing installation costs from $40,000 per site to $5,000.
  9. Consulted extensively with communities and the City transportation department to ensure the Bow Tr. SW expansion addressed ring road connectivity and local community traffic needs at major intersections.  


  1. Battalion Park Signal Hill Remembrance Day ceremonies inaugurated in partnership with the King’s Own Calgary Regiment – application made for National Historic Site status and thanks to Jeff Davison for continuing City pursuit of this important recognition with federal funding attached.
  2. In response to resident and commuter concerns, successfully developed with LRT security officials enhanced Peace Officer (uniformed and plain clothed) presence at stations and on the trains. Protocols for Calgary Police Service engagement established.
  3. To avoid contentious community cell tower applications, I worked with industry and City experts to develop new cell tower siting strategies.   Presented proposal and received the endorsement of several thousand delegates at a Federation of Canadian Municipalities national conference for determining  locations and construction specifications at the planning stage for new communities.
  4. Set up a remote office in Discovery to assist flood displaced residents and coordinate City emergency services. 
  5. Led support for increases to Police budget for crime prevention programs.
  6. Negotiated with the Deputy Minister of Transportation to have the West Springs gravel pit berm height increased with improved landscaping, and commitments for noise and dust monitoring and reporting.
  7. Brought school board officials into new planning discussions for better traffic management and land use to address traffic congestion at schools. 
  8. Collaborated with communities and City departments  to establish several new city parks, bringing green spaces under City parks jurisdiction and budgets for development and maintenance.
  9. In 2012 the Calgary Herald recognized me as having had the "Most voting victories (48) at City Council" reflecting my commitment to leadership on issues important to you.


  1. Delivered City capital investments for life cycle investments in community association buildings.
  2. As Chair of the Audit committee, I worked with our committee citizen audit experts, City Manager, CFO, City auditor and internal auditor to ensure the highest  financial management and governance standards were achieved and a collaborative culture fostered. 
  3. Independent internal audit reports and recommendations for improved business unit processes were made monthly and results reported back to committee.  
  4. Organizational risk management (including all City partners such as the Library and Convention Centre) and management controls were routinely examined and value for money and cost benefit analyses performed by the Internal Auditor for Audit Committee and Council review. 
  5. Member of the selection team for Calgary’s first Integrity Commissioner and Ethics Advisor. 
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Ward 6 Record