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Thank you for considering a donation to the campaign!

Donation Rules
Please ensure you are eligible before contributing to the campaign:
  • You can contribute up to $5,000 in total to the Campaign to Elect Richard Pootmans Campaign during the election year (2021).
  • You are making a contribution on behalf of yourself and not a corporation, union or other body.
  • You are a resident of Alberta.

Contributions are not eligible for tax receipts.

More information can be found on Elections Calgary.
You can also mail a cheque to:
Campaign to Elect Richard Pootmans
148 – 555 Strathcona Blvd SW
PO Box 74164
Calgary, AB  T3H 3B6
Please include both your name and address with your donation as required by Elections Calgary.   
Thank you!

Donor List as of 29 September

Allan, Stuart

Amir, A.

Arient, Andrea

Bhagawatula, Shailesh

Boskovich, Paul

Campbell, Collin

Chiu, Wayne

Day, Bruce

Dowd, Lee

Ehlert, Barry

Ferguson, Kent

Foran, Neil

Friesen, Brett

Ghitter, Ron

Gobert, Wilfred

Goldade, Bravin

Goldade, Jared

Gray, Jim

Grol, Henderikus J

Guatto, Greg

Guichon, C.

Guichon, J.

Haralabakos, G.

Hays, Dan And Kathy

Hendry, Glynn

Hilford, Rork

Klapstein, Randy

Kolias, Sam

Kovac, Hannes

Lee, S.

Leighton, Doug

Leung, J.

Libin, Louis

Livaditis, Peter

Mccaig, Ann

Mckinsley, Sean

Mclean, Cody

Morgan, Kathy

Morin, Sean

Oberg, Kathryn

Ogle, Kevin

Paauw, Peter

Paperny, L.

Plouffe, David

Pootmans, Richard

Quigley, Ron

Robertson, James

Ryder, Jonathan

Sanders, Stuart

Silvester, Dan

Sipka, R.

Skoye, K. Robert

Sole, Albert

Stanners, Michele

Stewart, Iain

Syal, Bela

Teja, Mohamed

Thompson, Stella

Verbeke, A.

Wallace, Andrew

Wallach, David

Wasif, Sohaib

Wells, Lisa

Wenzel, C.

Wenzel, Shane

White, David

Wilson, B.

Wright, Frances

Zare-Zadeh, Siavash

Zivot, M.

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