"I've known Richard personally and professionally for some time now. With his knowledge and experience I have no doubt that his ideas will be implemented with great success in Ward 6"
Jimmy Diep
"I have had the pleasure of working with Richard in his capacity with Calgary Economic Development and always found him to be very professional, energetic and dynamic. Richard is deeply committed to making our Ward and city a safe, vibrant place in which to raise our kids, work and retire; and would be a great asset to Ward 6 and Calgary City Council"
Leann Hackman-Carty
Coach Hill
"I know Richard to be a very capable leader and strong voice for people. I look forward to having him as my Councillor."
Christine Chin
Christie Park
"Richard has been a family friend for 15 years. We know him to be a very skilled and public spirited community service leader"
A. Murphy
Cougar Ridge
"Richard has the business background, community and life experience, and personal commitment to be an outstanding Councillor. My family and I are proud to know him and he has 100% of our support."
Ally Taylor
Discovery Ridge
" I have known Richard as a family friend for many years. I know he is an excellent leader in business and the community and will be a fine Councillor."
Evan Dixon
"With the next few years being some of the most critical in the history of our city, it is important that the voice we have in office for Ward 6 understands the workings of the city and the complexities that go along with. Richard’s skill sets will ensure Ward 6 has an articulate voice in the planning and direction of Calgary. "
Luke Azevedo
"We have known Richard through his various community endeavors for 20 years. He is a passionate and committed member of all the teams he works on to achieve successful results "
Mike and Mary Kirby
"I have worked with Richard when I was in the public sector and now in the private sector. I know his blend of business and municipal experience will serve us well as Councillor for Ward 6."
Michael Brander
Signal Hill
"I have known Richard over the years to be a man of intelligence and integrity."
Lois Alger
West Springs
"I have been acquainted with Richard for the past six years. He is honest, hard working and a keen listener. But most importantly, Richard is passionate about Calgary. I believe he will be committed to representing the interests of the Ward 6 constituents."
Kathy Falla
"Richard is an ideal candidate for this ward. He not only understands the needs of our ward but has a broad perspective that will be able to resolve some of the city wide issues that Council will face in the future."
Burke Darling
Christie Park
"Richard has been there to supported our efforts 100%. He's attended every event we've invited him to; he's generously donated his time and shown the community he cares. Clearly Richard is vested in the interests of his community and is focused on building relationships with the people he serves!"
Leader local community non-profit
"At the end of June, 2013 we, at the Wedgewood Condos in Discovery Ridge, were the first in the city to experience the devastating effects of the flood. During the initial weeks, Richard Pootmans was on site daily, offering encouragement and support. His continuing support and caring has been phenomenal in enabling me and other residents to find the courage to face the challenges since our disaster. I will be eternally grateful to him."
Discovery Ridge
An Interview with Richard Pootmans Re-Elect Brochure Vision and Plans For the Future
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